What even is integrative thinking?

Integrative thinking is defined as “the ability to knit together information from different sources to produce a more comprehensive understanding or create new meaning” in Allen F. Repko’s book Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. Integrative thinking is necessary for people in Interdisciplinary Studies. People who have a lot of knowledge in multiple disciplines and who can apply that knowledge are needed at many workplaces. People no longer expect to have the same job or even career throughout their life so being educated in multiple fields is key to being able to apply different skills to different jobs.


Since I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, this relates to me because I will be studying several languages and cultures which requires different skills that I will bring together. Being in Interdisciplinary Studies has already changed my mindset about the world and how it works. I had never realized the role that interdisciplinarity had in our society or how important integrative thinking is for my future in my education and the workplace. Knowing about integrative thinking prepares workers for the reality of the workplaces’ need for more rounded thinking.


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