Appreciation of Diversity in Interdisciplinary Studies


Appreciation of diversity basically means to keep an open mind. Being open to different perspectives regarding a situation and also being eager to hear the other person’s perspective in order to learn and grow. Being open doesn’t mean, however, to just give in to the other person’s perspective. It just means that you listen to what they have to say and then make a critical judgement after you have heard all of the options.

Repko also states how it can be easier to appreciate the diversity of ideas rather than diverse people. “Though we may hold different ethnic or racial roots, we must10314223086_6944ddb2cc_z acknowledge our commonality of being human …We are not just individuals, but members of an incredibly large and very diverse family” (Repko 54). We should not exclude ideas because the person stating the idea is a different ethnicity. Another point Repko made
from this is that, being interdisciplinarians, we are aware of how related we are to one another and we bridge the gap that separates us from one another. Since we have to learn multiple disciplines, we have to learn how to use different ideas and skills from those disciplines in order to solve our differences.

Appreciation of diversity applies to me directly since I will be studying languages. The best way to bridge gaps between different ethnicities is to be able to speak their language. If you speak the other person’s language, you can communicate with them and understand their point of view better. I want to be clear that appreciation of diversity is the appreciation of different ideas not about ethnicities but all ideas from all ethnicities should be respected the same.


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