Interdisciplinarity in Science and Technology

Science needs technology in order to progress. If technology is given up on, scientists will not get the refined tools they need in order to make new discoveries. Imagine where we

Riecken, Thomas. Science. 2013

would be in 50 years if we stopped trying to improve our scientific instruments? There are three interdisciplinary occurrences between science and technology. 1) Methods, concepts, and tools are subtly borrowed daily. 2) They apply the saying “Knowledge from one discipline in order to contextualize another” or in other words, using the things that have been learns in one discipline to understand another. 3) New groups are forming that have members from both science and technology working together on common interests.


abdullah.khan2012. technology. 2012.

There are also three larger trends in science and technology. The first one is that most of the interdisciplinary work done in the scientific field is driven by practical problem solving. The second trend is that disciplines have become easier to cross and multidisciplinary. The last trend is that staff are weaving new information about genetics, cognition, and the cosmos into the science curriculum to create courses around difficult technical and social problems.


This is important to me because, as a society, we require science and technology to continually improve. If technology doesn’t improve, science won’t improve. If science doesn’t improve, medicine won’t improve. I would like to someday see a cure for cancer. It doesn’t seem fully achievable yet but with the persistent improvement of technology, I believe we can get there. It was interesting to learn about how science and technology are so intertwined because it was so obvious that I had never really noticed it before.


 Repko, A. F., Szostak, R. & Buchberger, M. P. (2014). Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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1 thought on “Interdisciplinarity in Science and Technology”

  1. I think of technology this way with education, as well. They are intertwined, and need to be considered as they intersect, not really separately and then lumped on top of one another…


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